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WOODEN LACE room divider/curtain
with small leaf

33.00 €

WOODEN LACE is a room divider or a panel curtain, which consists of leaf-shaped details. WOODEN LACE is made from 3-layered birch plywood, finished with eco-friendly woodwax. Detail measurements for small leaf are 13x21cm, six colours are available.

A panel combined from WOODEN LACE details can be placed on the curtain rails or attach with suspension hooks in front of a window or any other place as a room divider. The design logic of the pattern is limitless; one only has to make sure there are enough joints between the different details on large surface.

On pdf files below, there are some variations of different pattern combinations ja sizes - every combination and size has a certain amount of leaf-details.

If you would like to order WOODEN LACE room divider/curtain, then:

  • measure the place, where you want the panel to be
  • choose a suitable pattern combination
  • choose a suitable size (the amount of leaf-details). If there is not a suitable size for you in our range, you can derive it from existing ones, by reducing or increasing the number of leaf rows in the width and length
  • choose a suitable color - the panels can also consist of different colored leafs (for example, if the panel consists of 24 details and you would like to order the panel in two colors, then choose 12 + 12 details of two chosen colors)
  • place your order with the necessary amount of leaf-details
  • we´ll add the required amount of fittings to your order (inclusive). The suspension hooks are also included (3,5cm, 5cm, 10cm or 15cm long) - please mark the length of the hooks into the "additional information" box.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!