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FLY STRIPE sound absorbing panel

168.00 €

FLY is an authentic and elegantly nordic collection. FLY is a thoroughly natural interior textiles collection woven from linen and cotton - fabric with structural surface which supports and amplifies the functionality of the panels. Fabric FLY is made out of 65% cotton and 35% linen. There are different color combinations available.

  • panel cover is made of natural fabric FLY - 35% linen and 65% cotton
  • panels consist of approximately 80% totally organic wood fibre and 20% pure polyester
  • no glue is used either in the materials or in the assembly process, which makes the panels very easy to recycle
  • sound absorbers are all tested and certified with sound absorption class “A“ (the highest) at a leading international research institute SP in Sweden
  • entire production is carried out in Estonia
  • design layout changes according to the panel size (see pdf file below)


VIDEO - What sound is and how you should go about in order to absorb it?