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FELT sound absorbing panel

186.00 €

FELT is a simple and functional panel, with smooth and colorful surface of felted fabric. There are different color combinations available, solid and striped ones.
The layout for the various sizes are shown in the figure below.
If you don´t find the right colour combination, please feel free to contact us

  • The panel cover is made out of natural industrial felt (90% wool, 10% polyester), which supports and amplifies the functionality of the panels;
  • available in 5 sizes and in a wide range of colours;
  • the panels can be mounted either vertically or horizontally;
  • the panel consists of a combination of fibers pressed together;
  • no glue is used either in the materials or in the assembly process, which makes the panels easy to recycle;
  • sound absorbers are all tested and certified with sound absorption class “A“ (the highest) at a leading international research institute SP - Technical Research Institute of Sweden;
  • FELT panels are made in Estonia.


NB! As the materials we use are natural, some variations may occur in colour shades. Screen settings can also distort the colour.

Combine the FELT panels with the extraordinary MOON panels in the same shades.

VIDEO - What sound is and how you should go about in order to absorb it?