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The MOSS collection includes woolen rugs with a soft and mossy surface.
KIVI rug is a remarkable decoration element with a soft velour surface - the endless possibility of combining colours and sizes adds the playfulness.

COLOURS: e-shop colour range is limited to natural tones. A wide range of colours can be found in the image gallery and the attached PDF below.
Please mark your preferences in the additional information box.

SIZES: the range is limited to standard sizes. If there isn´t suitable size, please feel free to contact us:
The KIVI rug can be ordered also in a special shape (e.g. round, square, etc).
Before the production we will send you the exact product drawing.
See the PDF below for standard size layouts.

MATERIAL: 100% New Zealand wool
THICKNESS; WEIGHT: ca 16mm; ca 4 kg/m²
DELIVERY TIME: 3-5 weeks

MOSS woollen rugs have a fire resistance certificate (corresponding qualification
Cfl-s1), so they are also suitable for use in public spaces. In addition, whether placed on the floor or on the wall, rugs offer a sound damping effect as well.

NB! As the wool is natural material, some variations may occur in colour shades. Screen settings can also distort the colour.
We reserve the right to make changes in the technical characteristics of the product in accordance with developments in the production process and quality requirements.

MOSS rugs are made in Estonia.

See the MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS for woollen rugs.